Thermal Imagery

In this image we have a patient with a C5-C6 herniated disk.  The areas of elevated heat are located on the back of the head, down the neck and into the upper back. Subject was experiencing tension head aches, muscle spasms and severe nerve pain down the neck specifically C-5 AND C-6 neck and at the nerve junction located on the upper back above the shoulder blade (which are highlighted by the dark red in the first image).

In a span of 15 minutes after spraying the subject with Kavidiol the inflamed areas quickly eased, giving the subject relief from the pain caused by inflammation, nerve pain and muscle tension. This patient had been suffering from symptoms for over a year. After 3 days of using KAVIDIOL, along with the recommendations made by their medical practitioner, the user was able to resume normal daily activities with little to no pain.

Here is a closer look at the areas of white and dark red. These are the areas of high muscle tension, inflammation and nerve pain.

Look at the difference between image 1 and 6. The white and dark red color areas have diminished dramatically.

Always remember depending on each and every individual it may take more or less time to feel results. Some users feel relief almost immediately while others may take 6-12 hours to achieve peak results. Kavidiol Topical Pain Relief is highly effective on inflammation, muscle tension and pain! 


                                                      All imagery shot by Julie Lackie, Thermal Imaging of Orange County, CA