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  • This is some freaking incredible stuff!! They use Kava Kava and Aloe in their topicals that give instant relief. When I started back to bodyboarding after a stress fracture in my lower back, my muscles would seize up and cause a lot of pain, but Kavidiol provides instant relief to inflammation, tightness and spasms. I can’t thank you enough, because of your products I am able to go on my next surf trip with EBodyboarding next week!! Bula much love Brother!! -Slater T
  • So I received a few bottles from your company which I’m so thankful for! I fractured my right patella on February 13th and underwent surgery to repair it. I now have a metal plate and four screws in my knee and currently going through physical therapy to get my leg to bend again. The pain I’ve endured during this process has been unbearable and thankfully your company sent me 3 products to try out to give me some relief and wow, I’ve NEVER had a product work as good as your gel and spray product I’ve used. Instant relief, lasts me a good while till I feel i have to use more. Honestly your products blow me away. My boyfriend actually tried the products too, he suffers from hip dysplasia and sever arthritis. He couldn’t believe the instant relief he felt. So needless to say, you have two lifetime customers. Thank you guys soo much. I can’t say it enough. -Michelle Chesmore
  • I have been using Kavidiol Gel on my shoulder and elbow for a few months now and I definitely have less pain than before. I am active and like to run, ride my bike, go surfing, skateboarding and hiking. Wear and tear happens to everyone and we all experience pain that is deep rooted due to years of use. I will say pain will be more manageable and movement restored after 2 applications! Since my new found go to pain remedy Kavidiol I have given it to my wife Kelly for her back and shoulder pain. She has found relief before work by spraying area and another application when she gets home. She likes the gel on her feet when the day is over, she walks a ton! I have also given my 85 year old grandmother the Kavidiol gel version and she loves it on her hands and lower back. She is on medication that dose not allow her to take pain medication due to her heart. Kava Kava is the best alternative for my grandmothers pain. When you find something that works you want to share it with everyone and that is what I’m doing. Finally my friend Taylor has a neck injury that causes him serious pain and I have given him the spray, gel and now the extra strength formula. He swears by them all! An awesome product or should I say medicine that really works! If your tired of taking pills and are looking for something natural look no further! – Ricky L
  • Thanks to Kavidiol, a wedding that hours before seemed almost impossible, turned into one of the most special days of my life. I will always be grateful.     -Sophie
  • Having used this product for a few days, I am no less than amazed. The theraputic effects are quick showing relief within minutes. I can resume to near normal movement experiencing little to no pain after application and the effects last for hours. There are no side effects at all. I teach Yoga theraputically and movement is crucial to my job. By removing the bracing and fear of movement, I know feel I can move with more confidence and nearly normal ranges of motion. Tahnk you again for developing such a effective solution for pain management.          -Sarah M.
  • Kavidiol was gracious enough to send me a bottle of their product to try. From endometriosis to old injuries from sports to dance. I figured I would give it a try. For the past month I have had lingering pain in my left shoulder. Kavidiol has been awesome in reducing my pain and inflammation. We will be keeping this product in the medicine cabinet. The whole family uses it for their random aches and pains. A keeper for sure!     -Laura T
  • About 8 months ago I injured my back and Jim has been very kind and concerned about my recovery. A couple of weeks ago he told me about your product and was kind enough to leave me a sample along with some information. I have been using Kavidiol primarily in the morning to help me get going for the day. Not only have I noticed immediate relief but in the long term as well. Since using Kavidiol I have had the best 2 weeks since my back injury. The nagging nerve pain I have 24/7 has subsided substantially. You’ve got a great product and a new customer               -Sincerely Agnese
  • From someone who is skeptical all pain relief topicals. Kavidiol is now a daily use of application to all my sore muscle and joint pains. I couldnt believe the relief it provided within seconds of applying. My pain relief is so manageable that I just completed my first half manathon without stopping! Thank you Kavidiol for helping me get my knees, hips and ankles back to a place that im confident to use them without fear of pain holding me back.             – Mike Lumsden
  • It’s the only thing that got me to sleep on Saturday. My back went out after sitting too long at a seminar. LOL! So I was uber happy with it. My little brother bruised his knuckle at work and it helped him throught the day too. I have a doctor interested in it.                   – Katrina
  • Man I got this chronic foot pain no doctors know why, its all messed up. Had to be takin 2 Tramadol every day. Spray Kavidiol on the bottom of my foot, Boom!, barely noticeable pain anymore.                                                                – Anonymous
  • I have body twitches so I use it for my shoulder. My nerves are damaged. It helps me calm my nerves and not twitch as much. Much Love .  – Mr. Haph Gram
  • I am so very excited about my pain relief with the Kavidiol Gel. Honestly, for two years, I have dealt with neck / nerve pain. I am finally getting some relief. I’d like to order a 2oz bottle of Gel. I have some from what you sent me, but I will be travelling for a while and do not want to run out. Thank You.                                                                                                                                   – Sue
  • I have to tell you my latest experience with your Kavidiol. Maybe you remember a few years ago I broke my left wrist. The doctor that I saw then told me that the bone disconnected could not be repaired because my bones were to thin to hold any surgery he might do. He said that at the time that if I was 20 something it would be different. Lately I have been experiencing pain in that wrist. Maybe the way I move or put pressure on the wrist but sometimes its so painful that it has made me cry. I vaguely thought of the Kavidiol but thought because I think the bone has moved somehow it wouldn’t work. This morning I was in so much pain I went up and got the bottle with the Gel. I put some on the most painful place and within seconds it seemed the pain was gone. Before that I couldn’t even move my fingers I was in so much pain. I have an appointment with the doctor but they couldn’t take me till August 13th. Your Kavidiol will be my salvation till then and beyond I’m sure. Thank you over and over!!          – Earlene G
  • Hey everyone this is Alex M and I am giving my feedback fromVan Nuys, California. So I have tried this product, so has my wife and my sister-in-law, and I have to be honest this product alone cures my headache if not instantly within a few minutes. My wife has 2 slipped discs on her lower back, after she applies this product instantly the pain drops from a level 7 to a level 5, Instantly. After waiting 10 to 15 minutes the pain completely goes away. I have recommended this product to my stepmother and now im about to recommend this to my mother! Alex M
  • I don’t like to take anything that is not natural. A couple of months ago I sprained my ankle. Kavidiol helped me with my pain and inflammation. My Doctor was amazed that I had no swelling at all. Kavidiol is really easy to use just spray it on and rub it in. There is no bad smell, it lasts a long time and you can use it as much as you need.     – Marcella Linn
  • I stumbled upon this product when a friend noticed I was having a headache. I gave it a shot and it really works. I put it in a roller ball and at the first sign of a migraine I roll it on and the pain subsides. I have shared it with several friends and they are all amazed at how effective it is. I am so happy to have found this product. Thanks Kavidiol!!    – San Juan Maggie
  • I have used Kavidiol for everything under the sun and have never been disappointed. I have had really bad lower back pain during my pregnancy and this works so well to alleviate it. Also I had awful pain from endometriosis and this is the only solution. Ive given a bottle to my grandma for her sciatica and she says it helps immensely. Ive used it for headaches, cramps, sore achey muscles, sore jaw during the flu, backaches and every other ailment you can think of. It really really works. I like that it smells good and doesn’t have the minty feeling of most topical pain treatments. You forget you were in pain without the reminder of the icy/hot feeling. I recommend this to everyone I know and have never found anything that competes.   – Lo Vega
  • I really thought I was trippin when within seconds my shoulder pain started to go away. My shoulder muscles had been sore to the touch all week. So I decided to give Kavidiol a shot. Literally within seconds I felt relief and within 15 minutes I had zero shoulder pain. What?! This stuff is ridiculous. Im a huge fan now… a believer and bought a bottle for my parents and my brother who suffer from back pain. I highly recommend this stuff!    -Dopestar
  • I really dont like taking oral meds so instead of taking asprin or ibuprofen; I use this for my back pain. My mother also uses it for arthritis pain. I just spray it on wherever I need it and it really works great. Also in my job I get a lot of scrapes and bumps so I keep it with me incase I need it. Highly recommend Kavidiol!   – Dgalle
  • I keep finding so many uses for Kavidiol that I have nicknamed it Swiss Army Knife. I originally began using it for back and neck pains. After it provided relief and allowed me to go on as my active self, I bought some for my stepfather to use on his arthritis. My family uses it for major and minor pains of all kinds. We even use it on Mosquito bites. Im not kidding. It works better than anything else we have tried to relieve itching. This stuff is great to have around for various things that come up. Almost like having asprin in your medicine cabinet. Now you can have something that is natural, yet effective. We are big fans and recommend it to friends family and coworkers.   – Stokes32
  • Im an active 67 year old surfer, cyclist and swimmer. I found this product when I was surfing on a trip in Baja. I met a friend that had been using it for sore muscles, after surfing. I was so happy to find this product. Im a retired landscaper of 50 years. I have all the physical problems that come from this trade. It took 2 to 3 times to feel the good effects. I like the spray. Very easy to use. I depend on its relief for my inflammation. Im a believer give it a try!! Enjoy the freedom of movement it will give you.    – Onoman
  • As a headache sufferer I am always seeking ways to help ease the pain. Im allergic to Ibuprofen and other products help, but only after taking MANY doses. I heard about Kavidiol from a family member and I thought I would give it a try. After spraying 2-3 sprays on my hands and rubbing onto my forehead (my headaches are usually right above my eyes) the pain and throbbing are lessened within a few minutes! After applying another time the painis is all gone! I have since used Kavidiol on muscle soreness in my legs from exercising, on lower back and neck pain and always have consistent results of fast lasting pain relief! I would recommend this product to anyone!! – Carrie B.
  • I’m a huge skeptic and this seriously changed my life!! Hip injury  I’ve been dealing with for 5 years feels amazing after just 3 days!    Thank you so much! Telling everyone I know thats dealing with      annoying sports injuries.        – Dave G.

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