Proper Application of Kavidiol Topical Gel and Spray Formula

Kavidiol is designed to be sprayed or applied directly on the affected area.

Apply a generous amount (3-5 sprays or 3-5 squirts) of Kavidiol Spray or Gel on the affected area. Do not rub in, let Kavidiol fully absorb into the skin and dry. Wait 20-30 minutes and evaluate how you feel.

Apply every 20-30 minutes for the first 3 hours then once every 2-3 hours after, or as needed during the first 12 hours of use.

Daily maintenance should average 2-3 applications per day. The effects of Kavidiol last anywhere from 3-5 hours or more. In most cases differences can be felt immediately, or within minutes.

Understand, everyones dose of Kavidiol may be different. Feel out your unique situation and see what works best for your needs.

You can contact us anytime, we are happy to answer any questions that may arise.