About Us

Our Approach

Kavidiol Topical Pain Relief was created with the mission of finding a healthy way to manage pain effectively without harmful side effects. Many of the options out on the market today are effective in combatting pain relief but the side effects can be lengthly, deadly, causing serious harm to the internal organs. Another obstacle was fighting pain without altering the mind which we all know can effect the daily capabilities and activities of the user and last but not least  addiction.  Here at Kavidiol we set out to find a better alternative. We set out to create an effective all natural pain relieving product that would bypass ingestion, addiction and bodily harm. Offering the user a point blank application to the source of their pain. Delivering full medicinal potency straight to the source. No need to wait for relief. Ingestion takes time, the natural process the body goes through to break down the medication takes its toll on the body and after the medicine has passed through the gut its then transported throughout the body diluting its effectiveness. Ingestion also allows the body to create a chemical dependency otherwise known as addiction. Kavidiol works completely opposite of traditional pain relieving methods. It is applied directly on the area of pain or inflammation delivering all of its medicinal value straight to the core of the issue without causing any harm to internal organs, bypassing any possibility of addiction or associated highs. Kavidiol lets you manage your pain without side effects. All natural plant based relief you cant find in any other product on the market. We set out to give chronic pain sufferers a healthy potent long lasting alternative for acute to severe pain and from the responses we have received Kavidiol has nailed it!!

KAVIDIOL is a Spray and Gel Topical Pain Reliever

KAVIDIOL is made by isolating medicinal phyto-compounds and kavalactones from the Hemp plant and Kava Kava root. Once isolated they are combined to create a powerful anti-inflammatory pain reliever that works with the Endocannabinoid system to combat against muscle tension, inflammation and pain.

Kavalactones and The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid system runs throughout the body and its sole function is to maintain homeostasis within the body - keeping balance within the body from external factors. Phyto-compounds such as kavalactones attach themselves to the Endocannabinoid System's receptors called the CB1 receptors. Each phyto-compound has a specific function. KAVIDIOL focuses on 3 major functions; to decrease inflammation, relax muscle tension and subdue pain. The CB1 receptor is responsible for pain, in working with kavalactones we can suppress the nerve receptors from firing pain signals. This action reduces the feeling of pain. Kavalactones also connect to the CB1 receptors which are responsible for easing muscle tension. Kavidiol, works with the CB1 receptors to aid in the suppression of pro-inflammatory signals and reducing inflammatory fluids causing a decrease in inflammation. This in turn decreases pain, creates blood flow and helps the healing process begin - getting you back to your daily activities faster.

KAVIDIOL Helps With...

Here is a list of ailments we have found that KAVIDIOL helps with  - note this list is not all inclusive and does not cure any of the mentioned ailments:

- Rheumatoid and Osteo - arthritis

- Neck, upper, middle and lower back pain

- Herniated discs

- Back spasms

- Muscle spasms

- Muscle twitches

- Muscle cramps

- Muscle relaxant (stretching)

- Capsulitis

- Tendonitis

- Endometriosis

- Neuropathic pain

- Foot pain (Plantar fasciitis)

- Bee stings, mosquito bites

- Open wounds (superficial and partial thickness in depth)

- Anti-bacterial

- Sprains

- Tension and migraine headaches

- Bumps and bruises

- Carpel Tunnel Syndrom

- Stiff joints

- Fibromyalgia

Kavidiol is an amazing product that helps with everything from bumps and bruises to the injuries that can occur from repetitive motion and over exertion common with sports related injuries.

Damage to the body caused by sports can come from different sources, but all lead back to forms of trauma thus causing inflammation and pain. Kavalactones have their pain relieving, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in easing the pain from strenuous exercise and repetitive movements required from playing sports. The end result is you feel better, heal faster and get back to doing your activity without the unwanted side effects.