The Most Powerful All Natural Topical Pain Reliever On The Market! 

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Our Product is Made From Dept. of Agriculture certified Industrial Hemp From Colorado, USA

“Having used this product for a few days, I am no less than amazed. The theraputic effects are quick showing relief within minutes. I can resume to near normal movement experiencing little to no pain after application and the effects last for hours. There are no side effects at all. I teach Yoga therapeutically and movement is crucial to my job. By removing the bracing and fear of movement, I know feel I can move with more confidence and nearly normal ranges of motion. Thank you again for developing such a effective solution for pain management.”          -Sarah M.

Kavidiol Topical Spray

Kavidiol Spray Pain Relief offers a cutting edge formulation of cannabinoid rich Hemp Extract and Kava Kava extract. Fast acting non-greasy.

1oz Bottle – $25.00

2oz Bottle – $45.00

4oz Bottle – $80.00


Kavidiol Spray & Gel 1/2 oz Samplers

Try our samplers and see if Kavidiol Topical Pain Relief is right for you for as little as $10 each including shipping.

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1/2 Ounce Bottle – $15.00     Includes Shipping


Kavidiol Topical Gel

Kavidiol Gel Pain Relief offers a cutting edge formulation of cannabinoid rich Hemp extract, Kava Kava extract and Aloe Vera.

1oz Bottle – $25.00

2oz Bottle – $45.00

4oz Bottle – $80.00


KAVIDIOL: A Potent Pain Reliever, Muscle Relaxer & Anti-Inflammatory

Kavidiol is being described as one of the strongest pain relievers on the market. It combines a potent combination of an anti-inflammatory, powerful muscle relaxer and pain reliever without the dangerous side effects found in prescription drugs.

Kava Kava is known as a powerful muscle relaxer and pain reliever. When topically applied it brings pain to a halt and tight muscles begin to relax. Kava Kava tends to create a feeling of warmth and a slight numbness when applied to the skin for first time users.

Kavalactones within the Kava Kava plant act as an effective anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, pain reliever and healing aid. By combining Kava Kava, Hemp Oil and Aloe Vera you can now experience the future of pain relief.

Kavidiol has created 2 powerful plant based formulas to help you combat pain, muscle tension and inflammation without all the unwanted side effects.

Why You Should Be Excited About Kavidiol

Are you tired of the prescription pills, fatigue and worst of all addiction? Do you feel like you’re not yourself anymore and all your looking for is pain relief? Kavidiol is here to help you take control of your pain. With Kavidiol you no longer have to worry about harmful side effects or addiction, no gimmicks, just powerful natural pain relief. With the use of natural ingredients and a topical application using natural compounds such as Kavalactones derived from the Kava Kava plant.  Kavidiol is the healthy option for managing your pain.

Live Pain Free!!

Once you try Kavidiol you will be convinced that there is no safer, more effective alternative to manage pain. The truth is in the bottle and all you have to do is try it!! Get back out on the field, pick up that old hobby, or just simply enjoy the feeling of having control over your pain. Kavidiol may be the answer to your pain and inflammation. Enjoy life again – Kavidiol has got your back…literally!!